Rumor: Z370 and H310 support up-to 8 cores

Intel Coffee Lake Wafer - Wikichip

Z370 and H310 to support up-to 8 CPU Cores.


Thanks to reddit user Eric98k who provided the tools, I was able to verify these values and screenshots my self, here are my results below:
Z370 Board
H310 Board
This seems to indicate that these boards do indeed support up-to 8 cores after all, the reddit user, eric98k has tested other mother boards with similar results:
Z370 Asrock Pro 4 - Eric98k

A rumor coming from a user named "dooon" on the AnandTech forums has the Z370 and H310 boards supposedly supporting upto 8 cores
, possibly for the supposed 8 core Coffee Lake CPUs arriving later this year. As always these should be taken with a grain of salt, especially since they are screenshots that have been uploaded to and that they are from a random forum poster, so it is possible they are forged. Red highlights are not mine, the following screenshots are below:

As you probably notice this program that they are using can supposedly read what appears to be bios values for the motherboards they are loaded onto, H310 and Z370 are listed as supporting up-to 8 cores while the Z270 board is oddly listed as having a maximum of 3 cores which is obviously false because Z270 officially supports upto 4 cores and 8 threads with the i7 7700 or i7 7700K - this could be a bug with the software they are using or of course it could mean these images are possibly forged, so take these screenshots with a grain of salt.

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